Triticeae Genomics For Sustainable Agriculture                                                                                                              BBSRC project No. BB/J003743/1

Theme 1 - Generating New Genome Sequence Assemblies (Lead Partner: TGAC) Theme 1 Outputs

Work in this Theme has focussed on applying new approaches to whole genome shotgun sequencing to the genome of variety Chinese Spring 42. Our approach has been to integrate innovations in the production of a non-amplified paired-end library and multiple nested long mate-pair libraries, in generating long 250 bp reads for deep coverage of multiple libraries, using rigorously clean data before assembly, and adopting assembly algorithms that preserves the complexity of sequence during assembly. These innovations have been coupled to multiple approaches to generating long-range links or scaffolds between sequence assemblies. We have also developed efficient high-throughput methods for sequencing large insert BACs and are sequencing these to complement the whole genome assemblies. To develop resources for gene identification and annotation, we are generating sequence of full-length RNAs using PacBio SMRT sequencing and Illumina strand- specific sequencing of RNA.