Triticeae Genomics For Sustainable Agriculture                                                                                                              BBSRC project No. BB/J003743/1

Theme 3 - Databases And Outreach (Lead Partner: EBI)                                 Theme 3 Outputs

The central purpose of this project is to provide useful resources and expertise that will enable rapid and effective uptake of genome sequences and functional genomics resources. This is being carried out by:

  • Providing timely updates of sequence resources that can be searched by users

  • Generating improved and accurate gene and repeat annotations based on precise transcriptome and genome data

  • Providing a long-term database resources for maintaining and distributing genome assemblies in useful formats

  • Providing training and outreach to users that promotes the wide uptake and use of new genome assemblies for crop improvement

  • Establishing longer-term collaborations with international partners to exploit genomics in crop improvement programmes

  • Making Sequence resources freely available to all users as soon as practicable after assembly and QC